A selection of just a few testimonials from the people we've worked with.

Children's Specialist Service, Telford & Wrekin Council:

"Telford & Wrekin Children's Specialist Services would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all of the In Control Team, for their excellent support, training and encouragement in developing Personal Budgets, based on Personalisation and best outcome principles.

We unashamedly made use of your materials, incorporating them into our systems. You worked with us to ensure that the training was focused on our learning needs, and adapted it to reflect our journey towards implementation. Your approach was informative and challenging, always delivered through truly inclusive models, with understanding of the needs of individuals as well as the groups. There was real generosity in acknowledging the complexity of change, and acknowledging the existing strengths, and we felt well supported in working through the difficulties, not least due to the humour and personalised approach you employed with us.

In Control's support has been a major factor in us meeting the outcome of improving services for disabled children and their families in Telford, with external Inspection identifying the benefits and good practice in personalised planning, but more importantly the families themselves expressing the difference Persoanl Budgets have made to their lives, putting them In Control."

Jill Harrison, Assistant Director of Adult Services, Hartlepool Borough Council:

"We have been working with In Control since 2006 and we have forged a real partnership for change.  They've kept us focused on the values and ethos of personalisation and supported us on delivering the cultural change that's essential for any local authority facing the challenges of transforming their services.

"Having the support and expertise on-hand from an organisation like In Control is invaluable and has played a significant part in the success we've had in implementing personalisation."


Mick Duffy, Operations Manager, Support Planning and Review, Lancashire County Council:

"After taking part in this [Getting the Basics Right] programme our staff came back not only with a much greater knowledge and understanding of why things are changing but with a sense of real motivation and passion to do things differently."


Jayne Bintley, Communications and Business Partner, Alternative Futures Group:

"Having the expertise of an organisation like In Control, which has been instrumental in driving this agenda forward is invaluable, as is being part of a strong, active network of like-minded organisations that are committed to working together sharing best practice and tools to make change happen.

"We've already had some training support from In Control, which really helped staff to understand the values and ethos behind personalisation and how we can ensure that the people using our services really do control their lives."

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