Provide feedback about the POET surveys

We are always looking to improve the POET, any comments you have will help us make sure the survey works well

You can download the three proposed POET questionnaires for 2016 below.

All the questionnaires have been updated and now reflect the majority of the  feedback we have received from people using the POET this year.

We have tried to make the form as easy as possible to use and understand, for example the Children and young peoples version now uses a 3 point scale to simplify answers.

Many of the things we are looking to find out about are abstract ideas like dignity or complex ideas like community. Where possible we have simplified the description of these, but we have not left them out.

Please be a specific as you can in your feedback, in particular we are looking for  comments that simplify the POET.

You can provide comments on the proposed POET questions for 2016  here or you can complete the form directly below..

Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on the POET.

Last Updated : 03 August 2016. Page Author: Gaynor Cockayne.