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By using the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET), councils and clinical commissioning groups can assess their performance on critical process conditions and outcomes for personal budget recipients. By benchmarking these against the national data set they can focus their strategic plans in areas that are attuned to local experience and where improvements will have most effect.

The POET has recently been revised and updated so that it is:

  • Simple and outcome focussed: allowing local authorities to easily demonstrate the difference their intervention has made
  • Care act compliant: The POET captures outcomes aligned to 'wellbeing' and 'eligibility domains' and is part of a standard Care Act Compliant Review Tool, it is suitable for a wide range of interventions not just personal budgets including reablement and short term support.
  • Integrated: it works across social care and health, child to adult: accross all silos and conditions

Adult Social Care

The Personalisation Action plan from the ministerial summit includes an action for ADASS, DH and TLAP to: Promote POET as best practice: develop national offer to provide POET to all English local authorities.

Norman Lamb has urged councils to check results of personal budgets to steer improvements. The DH provided funding so that in 2014/5 all councils could have access POET.

In 2015/16 there are two options for councils to use POET to check the results of personal budgets.

Option 1: Do it Yourself

In Control will offer a free licence in 2015/16 for selected English councils to access the tool. This will allow basic level access to the online portal so that councils can upload surveys and analyse findings with the aid of a user guide.  In Control offers the option of providing a short report with basic analysis to those councils achieving a sample of more than 100 personal budget holders and 100 carers. These councils will be working towards embedding POET into their IT systems.

Onsite visit and support is available for this option at a daily rate of £675 plus VAT and expenses

Option 2: Supported POET

This option allows access as above but also includes additional support from In Control, including:

  • Initial advice on most effective use and access to online and telephone advice
  • Facilitation of a stakeholder engagement session at the start of the process to maximise involvement
  • Provision of a more detailed report and analysis tailored to the locality
  • Facilitation of a post analysis planning  session with stakeholders to review findings and plan improvement action
This option is available at a cost of £1,950 plus VAT and expenses

Find out more:

See our POET user guide or alternatively, please contact us using the online enquiry form or email

Children's Services

In Control is committed to providing further evidence of the impact that greater choice and control can have and are delighted that the Department for Education (DfE) has awarded us grant funding for two years to develop a new tool for use in children's services. This tool - POET - will provide us with a much needed national benchmark of the impact the new education, health and care plans and personal budgets have on families' lives.

You can find out more about this work here.

Clinical commissioning groups

As part of work with NHS England, and due to a grant from the Department of Health, In Control is able to offer a limited number of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) free use of POET.

You can find out more about this work here.

We are also currently working on adapting the tool for use by provider organisations.

If you would like further information about POET, please complete our online enquiry form or email us at

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