POET for personal health budgets

As part of work with NHS England, and due to a grant from the Department of Health, In Control is able to offer a limited number of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) free use of POET.

The POET (Personalisation Outcome Evaluation Tool) surveys for personal budget holders and for carers of personal budget holders in social care have been developed over several years as a way for personal budget holders and carers to
report their experiences of personal budgets.

POET has now been adapted so it is relevant for people using personal health budgets, and their carers. POET enables CCGs;

  • to capture the outcomes and experiences of a sample of local personal health budgets users and family carers;
  • to identify through analysis and benchmarking, those areas of local strength and those requiring improvement action;
  • as the basis for a local planning session with stakeholders, in the context of other intelligence and perspectives, to plan action.

In May 2013, we published the first national report on personal health budgets using the findings from POET. The survey included nine sites which have focused
on health and social care integration, including joint health and social care personal budgets.

The report published by Think Local Act Personal looks in-depth at the experiences of more than 300 personal health budget recipients and their carers.

A total of 12 pilot sites took part in the survey. This primarily included nine NHS 'Going further, faster' sites which are already offering personal health budgets more widely including to people who have joint health and social care budgets. This is part of work to integrate health and social care at the level of the individual, with a single plan regardless of which organisation funds the care package.   

The survey shows that these sites are getting promising results:

  • More than 90% said that their views were taken into account in their support plan
  • More than 60% of people said that the NHS had made it easy to arrange a personal health budget
  • More than 70% said that having a personal health budget has a positive impact on their independence
  • More than 80% felt confident that their needs would be met with their personal health budget.

Key factors associated with good results included:

  • Having had the budget for more than a year
  • Having a direct payment
  • Knowing the amount of their budget

A copy of the report can be downloaded below, together with further information on using POET, In Control's health programme, and POET for adult social care and children's services.

Last Updated : 02 October 2015. Page Author: Gaynor Cockayne.