Embedding POET into systems

Personal Outcomes and Evaluation Tool POET is a set of qualitative questions which help Councils to understand the experiences of someone taking control of a personal budget and the outcomes they achieve.

To date most Councils using POET have done so with a specific survey.

Although an adhoc survey provides an enormous amount of intelligence, this can mean that information is not collected routinely, as additional surveys that are not built into processes can be resource intensive.

Therefore, the Embed Project supports Councils to ask the POET questions on an ongoing basis as part of the review process and through assessment.  The questions are built into the Local Authority Information Technology systems and asked on a regular basis.

We are currently working with a small number of local authorities as part of phase iii of our work, POET: 'Embedding outcomes'.

The work involves:

  • Embedding outcomes into practice: Using a model set of practice tools for; assessment/eligibility and allocation decisions, support planning and review, (the review tool features the POET) that are outcome focussed and Care Act compliant. Participating Authorities  have access to but are not be required to use all of these tools.
  • Commissioning: Help with embedding the POET into local performance monitoring systems so that commissioning practice is routinely informed by the POET findings.
  • A citizen view: Help with working with citizens locally, to support the development of an independent citizen led quality assurance process based on the POET to compliment your own internal POET findings.
  • IT solutions: Support participating Local Authorities to use their local Information technology to capture and report the POET data locally and how to share anonymised information from the use of the POET, for national benchmarking.
  • Improvement support through benchmarking: Provision of local, regional and national benchmarking data for comparison of findings. Supporting participating Local Authorities to develop an action plan to address areas of challenge.

Participating Local Authorities are committed  to:

  • The work as described above by identifying a Senior management lead who oversees the local authorities involvement.
  • Undertake to share anonymised outcome data for the national poet data set

If you would like to find out more information about our phase iii work of the POET and embedding the tool into your current monitoring systems please get in touch with us at

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