Social Care Future

#socialcarefuture has been developed to create a space, including a gathering in November, for a wide range of people and voices to debate and take action for a positive future.

We want to get past just thinking about stabilising the current system which isn't fit for the future. We want to make a contribution to a much more positive vision, share what's going on now that helps get us there, and find ways of supporting each other as we build the future.

In Control is part of the informal group supporting #socialcarefuture and as part of this we are hosting this blog series. Many people will be blogging and their views are their own.


Building a National Network for Self-Directed Support

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Social Care Future and Independent Living  - Last Updated : 21 February 2018

by Jenny Morris I haven't been able to blog for a while but recently two key questions have got me thinking...

Glimpses of a new social care future…  - Last Updated : 20 February 2018

By Sian Lockwood

Is social care as we know it fundamentally bust?  - Last Updated : 14 February 2018

by Chris Hatton Ever since I was asked if I wanted to write a blog for #socialcarefuture I've been struggling. I'm not a deep thinker, more a shallow magpie thief of others' insights. I'm not a doer (come on, I'm an academic!). I've not been on the ...

Why Communities Matter to the Future of Social Care  - Last Updated : 31 January 2018

by Vidhya Alakeson Visit the Bevy on a Friday lunch time and you'll find 40 or so older people tucking into a hot lunch and enjoying the company of others. For too many, it's the only time in the week they get out and socialise and it's possible beca...

Lives shared, housing cares  - Last Updated : 19 January 2018

Written by Jeremy Porteus, Managing Director of the Housing Learning and Improvement Network The tenth anniversary of the publication of Putting People First slipped by as the festive season got underway last month. It was a 'landmark' moment that co...

Repositioning the social care debate to build public and political support for more effective use of existing resources and greater investment in the future  - Last Updated : 18 January 2018

by Neil Crowther 'Understanding means finding a story you already know and saying, 'Oh yeah, that one.' Once we have found (the) story, we stop processing." Roger Schank, Tell Me A Story, 1998

Alicia's Social Care Future Wishlist  - Last Updated : 17 January 2018

Martin Routledge challenged me to blog about social care as part of a quest to get a range of views from people in the social care field. Follow them on #socialcarefuture. I have so much to say about what is needed for a good social care so for the sa...

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