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It's social care Jim, but not as we know it!

The big #socialcarefuture get together

This is not a conference....

It's a gathering of people who want to build a positive future for what we currently call social care.

It is part of the volunteer organised #socialcarefuture initiative (see This is a developing network of people discovering, sharing and building from glimpses of the future. Places, groups and people who, right now are building a future where public services, people and communities are jointly finding better ways to include, serve and support local people. They are making "pieces of the jigsaw" for a positive future including using all local resources, shifting control to people and communities, building non-institutional approaches to support and growing human sized, community led, organisations. They are developing different, more equal relationships between professionals & people supported and promoting professional autonomy and self-management so that workers can have non-controlling, non-bureaucratic relationships with the people they support.  We want to build a future where these things are much more supported by the wider public and politicians because they make sense to people and are seen as relevant to everyone's well-being and success.

  • At this gathering we will all be active contributors. We are inviting people to come who want to be part of this future and will commit to play a part in building it by sharing, learning and organising. They will include local citizens, professionals, politicians, managers, providers of support, user and family led groups.


  • We will be arranging a range of ways to help learning and sharing - what have people done, what difference has it made, what lessons have been learned, what helped, what are the next steps, what would help these happen? As well as structured sessions there will be "open-space" to organise there and then to respond to people's interests.


  • We want to make this energising and social as well as informative and action-focussed. We will be sharing what we do outside the room, immediately reporting sessions and plans so others can connect. There will be fun too. Creativity doesn't come from traditional event approaches. Energy, inclusion and relationships aren't created by just sitting and listening to other's presentations. The gathering will include an evening social gathering, pieces of theatre and performance and the chance (optional!) for you to join in! It will be hosted to bring you in, not keep you separate, whoever you are


  • During the gathering we will create opportunities for people with similar interests or energised by things they have heard and discussed, to plan for action after the gathering. #socialcarefuture will offer whatever help it can to support these action groups with links and contacts and communication over the following year.We are deliberately running the event to coincide with the National Adults and Children's Social Care Conference taking place nearby at the same time. We are making sure there are good links and some joint sessions and inviting people from that event to our gathering. This gives us a chance to bring together all voices with a stake in the future to find ways of working to make it a reality.

What will we be working on?

Topics and sessions - Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Heath and Social Care Partnership will help kick us off on Wednesday morning, alongside people with lived experience of social care. Over the two days there will be something for everybody!

Open space At a gathering like this it is vital to create time and space for people to talk about and share whatever is important to them. People will bring ideas, issues for discussion, plans that they want to get others involved in. We will build plenty time in for people to raise issues and space for them to debate and plan together.

Glimpses of the future in the toughest of times We are working with SCIE, Nesta, In Control, Shared Lives Plus and Think Local Act Personal - bringing in learning from 6-8 places around the country. These are places able to share exciting "glimpses of the future" where significant shifts are being made to share power with people and communities, use all local resources, build better approaches to support that are human sized and shaped. Some of these places are under the most severe resource pressures but system leaders, politicians, community and voluntary groups, local citizens will share the pieces of the #socialcarefuture they are putting in place and seek ideas about new pieces. Professor John Bolton and Professor Bob Hudson will add in their insights including John's detailed explorations in six localities and Bob's work on an ethical approach to commissioning.

Making a new case for social care Evidence shows the way the sector is currently talking about social care puts the public off and won't lead to political support and investment - lets change that - hear about and contribute to a major push to change the debate - based on effective approaches, new research and learning including from the Frameworks Institute, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Lancaster University and with a major proposal for action developed by Neil Crowther.

Everyone in The shift towards a future of supporting well-being in welcoming communities must include everyone including those currently most at risk of institutionalisation and exclusion - what are the best examples including everyone and how to do it - how can these be built on everywhere? Some of the key areas we will be sharing on include: better approaches to recruitment and workforce; support provider innovation; relationship based commissioning; helping people described as having more complex needs have a great life - Colleagues from Learning Disability England and Dimensions are engaging with others to pull the best learning and examples together.

From the margins to the mainstream Sharing and learning with groups and initiatives helping local places to move more quickly to a better future where effective innovations complement or displace traditional models and practice: including: Well-being teams, Community Catalysts, Homeshare, Three Conversations, Community-led social work, Community Circles, Manchester Cares, Shared Lives, Spice Time Credits, Grapevine, Local Area Co-ordination, Keyring, In Control, HMR Circle and many more.

Closing the Care Act Rhetoric-Reality Gap - Join in with the developing National Network for Self-Directed Support, facilitated by In Control for a practical session of sharing and learning about how people can get the support they need and the lives they want. Including: using the law, getting great staff, choosing how you manage the money, planning for a good life, co-production in action, knowing your rights, effective local tactics and more. Help build this network of local user and family led organisations, community groups, charity branches and others - networking for mutual support and bringing in useful national expertise and help.

Building a movement for a better future Learning from other movements for social change from around the world about how we can act together to make faster change towards the #socialcarefuture that we want and organising ourselves for action. Applying these lessons to action planning for change. Nesta will be sharing their learning and Jackie del Castillo helping us grow our tactics.

Providers for a better local future - Sharing the best ideas and planning for action about how organisations providing support can be real assets in the communities they serve. Including using their capacity and expertise to support local community groups, assisting small community businesses and more. Including proposals for a major provider led initiative developed with a number of VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) colleagues.

Releasing the power of community enterprise and business - How can we grow human sized and shaped support organisations that add to communities. Alternatives like user -led organisations, co-operatives, mutuals, community business, self-managed teams, micro enterprises. What will it take for these become a much bigger part of local offers of support? Hear about initiatives, help make this change happen - with great input from Community Catalysts and Power to Change.

Social work in the #socialcarefuture Exploring the role of social work in our desired future. What should social work do? How do relationships between social work, citizens and communities need to develop? How can we make this future? The Principal Social Workers Network want to share ideas and plan with citizens and we will hear of examples of how social workers in some places are being liberated…to be social workers.

Researching a better future What kinds of research can support a positive future? We are getting together with colleagues from Disability Rights UK working with DRILL (Disability Research on Independent Living) and from the School for Social Care Research which is planning its next five years of work. What should be researched to help build a better future for social care? Who should play what roles? We want to guide the research agenda.

Shaping a better future with older people who need long term support. The focus is on alternatives to institutional options and more traditional models, including housing options. This session will be run in way that allows older people and others to consider ideas and models and identify appealing options. With help from Vic Raynor from the National Care Forum and Jeremy Porteus and Claire Skidmore from the Housing Learning Information Network. We hope to follow up ideas with a post gathering initiative to promote the best identified approaches.

Ears against loneliness - Forum theatre. Our campaign will contain a piece of forum music theatre performed by participatory performers with lived experience working alongside professional actors and musicians. The show will explore the skills, challenges and triumphs of putting your ears against loneliness.

Escaping the Invisible Asylum - World premier of a new musical theatre piece developed and performed by MiXiT inspired by Alex Fox's recent book and the core themes of #socialcarefuture it - Whisper it but Andrea Sutcliffe may also perform…

Living Well Alliance - A better future for mental health support? The example of a new approach in Lambeth trying to build a proper partnership - This session will bring together the partners - people using the support of the Alliance, the support providers, CCG and social care directors to tell the story so far of the Living Well Alliance

Networking and socialising - On Wednesday evening 200 people will come together from #socialcarefuture to eat, drink and be merry - including performance from the wonderful Dance Syndrome and local choirs

Bringing it All Together, or "two Green Papers, there's only two Green Papers…".The Department of Health and Social Care have promised one this autumn…But the Local Government Association have already put out their ideas - whether we have one or two Green Papers by November at 5pm on Thursday 15th, the two gatherings NCASC18 and #socialcarefuture will come together in Manchester Central - this will give us a chance to share our vision for the future and what we plan to do to make it real - and invite the local managers and politicians from around the country to partners with us and, to coin a phrase - Make it Real


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