Why we run Partners in Policymaking courses?

Whilst training professionals is important, it is the people who use the services who remain the same. They have the greatest stake in investing time and energy to ensure that things will change for the better.  They have direct access to all the MP's, councillors and officials who make the policies that shape systems. We now have graduates from these courses in many areas across England; confident, competent people who are in this work for the long haul.

Disabled children, disabled adults and their families are frequently subject to high levels of stress and frustration, often due to lack of information, changing policies, practices and a moving population of people who support them. They are at risk of social isolation and social exclusion.

One of the best ways of reversing these negative experiences is to give up-to-date leading edge information, give the families the strategies, confidence and tools to work in partnership with service providers. The course enables and encourages participants to become actively engaged in the development of policy affecting disabled people both at local and national level. People who come on the course join a national network of disabled people and their families who can share good ideas and give support.

Our focus on developing community-based leadership has meant that we have a network of disabled people, family carers and service providers working together. At present this is only happening in some parts of the country, we want to make sure that anyone wanting to access courses can do.

Since 1996 we have run courses locally and nationally. Course graduates now number over 2000.

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