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This page hosts a collection of video clips of people talking about their experiences with Partners in Policymaking.

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Partners in Policymaking - Minnesota  - Last Updated : 04 March 2020

Partners in Policymaking originated in 1986 in Minnesota, USA and was founded by Colleen Wieck and others. They developed the concept of Partners in Policymaking after noticing a remarkable thing about the way public policy worked for self advocat...

Julian Bellew  - Last Updated : 22 January 2020

Paul Kitto  - Last Updated : 22 January 2020

A compilation of clips  - Last Updated : 09 July 2019

A compilation of people talking about Partners in Policymaking

Marianne Selby-Boothroyd  - Last Updated : 09 July 2019

Partners Get Together  - Last Updated : 06 December 2018

A Different Way by Gill McDonald  - Last Updated : 20 October 2017

'Today, I was reminded of the day my beautiful boy was assessed and given the first of many "labels" by a professional person, who gently broke the news that he would have to be educated differently from the majority of children because he has thi...

Testimonials from Merseyside Partners  - Last Updated : 13 June 2016

Hear from Lynne, Julia and the some of the Merseyside Partners, highlighting the difference the Partners in Policymaking course has made to their lives.

My Journey So Far by William Case  - Last Updated : 06 May 2016

Will took part in Partners in Policymaking course 'Sharing Knowledge' in 2009 and hasn't looked back since.

Feedback from All Together Better - Staffordshire 2015  - Last Updated : 04 January 2016

Here's what participants on Stafforshire's All Together Better 2 course, which ran from February to June 2015, had to say about the course...

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