What makes Partners in Policymaking courses different?

All our courses have been developed to be as accessible, engaging and participatory as possible.
We invite a variety of speakers, many of whom have graduated from our courses and share their stories on how they have used the skills they have learnt to make life better for their family and supported others to do the same.

All of the courses cover a range of topics including person centred planning, housing, communication, personal budgets and also the latest information on legislation. We teach people how policies are made at local and national level and encourage people to plan solutions rather than share problems.

How has Partners in Policymaking made a difference?

Graduates from all of Partners in Policymaking courses become part of a strong local, regional and national network. This network consists of people who have the skills and confidence they need to help each other plan for the future in a positive way.

Many graduates have gone on to get jobs, are using a direct payment or a personal budget and have helped to bring about change by getting involved in local politics, formed support groups and most importantly have used their skills to make a difference in their own families.

We firmly believe that working together is much more powerful than trying to do things by yourself.

Last Updated : 21 January 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.