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All Together Better - Somerset
December 2019 - April 2020


Following a very successful course over this spring and summer for Somerset, Discovery are now providing another course in Somerset. The citizen leadership course is being offered to residents throughout Somerset delivered by Partners in Policymaking in partnership and fully funded by Discovery and its Strategic Partnership Board.

We are looking for applicants who have first-hand experience of issues that affect vulnerable people and their families, people who think that life for people who need extra support could be better and who want to improve the way things are now - but don't always know where to start.

All Together Better is designed to identify, train and sustain a network of people - citizen leaders - people who believe that things can be better for people and their families and want to make a difference to their local community.

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The style of teaching on the course will be informal and highly participative. It will include presentations from the best speakers in the country as well as information giving, inspiration, videos and group work. Everyone is encouraged and enabled to contribute and a strong values base of inclusion and disability underpins the programme. These values must be the underlining thread woven throughout every aspect of the training.

The programme also aims to:

  • Give real and grounded information, advice and support to people needing help to navigate the health and social care systems reducing dependency on the systems
  • Create a mechanism for peer support both locally and nationally
  • Influence policy on a local and national level by offering solutions rather than simply presenting the problem
  • Help train commissioners and service providers so they better understand the needs of individuals and families
  • Nurture relationships and partnerships between individuals and professionals as well as local and national government
  • Help people to channel their energy and frustration in more productive ways
  • Provide a mechanism for advocacy
  • Spread the word so as many people as possible know what can be achieved and what works and what doesn't
  • Help people to get a good life and encourage them to make the best use of all their existing resources and social capital (what we call real wealth)


How long is the programme?

The programme runs over a period of 5 months, with one sessions per month starting in December 2019. Discovery will fully fund each course participant as well as any additional support that may be needed to enable the participant to be part of the programme. it will be delivered at a location in Somerset.

To find out more:

If you are interested in taking part in the programme, complete and return the application form from the download list below. The closing date for applications has now been extended for parents and family members to apply to 13th November 2019, or contact

What previous participants had to say about the course

What previous participants had to say about the course

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