Joint Commissioning

Joint commissioning is the process for deciding how to use the total resources available for families in order to improve outcomes in the most efficient effective, equitable and sustainable way.

It includes all the resources families bring alongside finance, provision and services for children and young people with SEN and disabilities and their families whether funded by education, health or social care or any combination of these.
Jointly commissioning together gives us the opportunity to build on the themes that unit us:

  • Maximising the potential of children and young people
  • Co-production
  • Resilient families and local services
  • Safeguarding vulnerable children and adults
  • Acting early and intervening at the right time
  • Getting best value for money
  • Improving data
  • Highly skilled and flexible workforce
  • Choice and control
  • Integrated assessments, support and interventions
  • Positive transitions at key stages in life

We recently collaborated with the SE7 SEND Pathfinder to look in more depth at joint commissioning particularly the significant number of levers across the system.

See the Joint Commissioning for children and young people with SEND download below.

See also OPM's publication Making It Personal - How to commission for personalisation -  Guidance for commissioners and others in children's services

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