Meet the team

Our highly experienced team of consultants work with In Control Children's programme members, wherever they are on the journey, to extend personalisation and give children, young people and their families more choice and control in their lives.

Andrew Baxter, Programme Lead

Andrew Baxter Andrew joins us on secondment from the 0-25 SEN and Disability Unit at the Department for Education, where he led the development of personal budgets policy and legislation from the publication of the Support and Aspiration Green Paper through to the 0 -25 Code of Practice for SEN and Disability and, from September 2014, implementation of the Children and Families Act. He also led on the SEND reforms in relation to young offenders and has previously worked on policies to improve child health and wellbeing and in relation to children's rights (working on UK Government reports to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and providing policy expertise to Sir John Dunford on his independent review of the Children's Commissioner for England).

Andrew currently leads In Control's Children's Programme and the development of our 'whole life' approach.

Andrew can be contacted at or on 07592 800510.

Nic Crosby, Programme Lead (currently on secondment)

Nic Crosby

Nic is currently on secondment to NHS England where he is joining the Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) team to lead a project introducing IPC and personal budgets to looked after children and young people with mental health support needs. This is a brand new project, funded through 'Future in Mind' and will be drawing on learning from Me, My Family, My Home, Middlesbrough and across his work from the past 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, Nic has worked to develop the Children's programme at In Control.  Nic joined In Control from Paradigm, where he led work on the Dynamite project which focused on introducing self-directed support to young people as they move into the adult world. Prior to Paradigm, Nic worked at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

Nic is passionate about equality and the need for inclusive ways of supporting anyone who needs additional support.  Nic works with many other key people and organisations in the children's world to take this agenda forward and make real, positive and radical changes to the experiences of many families and disabled children across the country.

Contact Nic at or on 07854 331487.

Claire Lazarus, Associate

Claire Lazarus

Claire is committed to sector-led support and sharing best practice in order to speed up change, improve efficiencies and better outcomes.

Claire has worked extensively across children's services, SEN, disabled children's serices and services for children in care.

Claire's ambition is that we have truly inclusive systems and processes that empower families to take control over their own lives.  She is particularly excited about the opportunities afforded by the SEN Green Paper and Children and Families Bill to provide truly joined up delivery across children's services.

Claire can be contacted at or on 07880 787190.

Andrew Tyson, Associate

Andrew Tyson

Andrew is a health and social care practitioner who has worked for In Control for many years,

For the Children' Programme, Andrew will be supporting sites across the West Midlands and some of the Berkshire authorities  in the South East.

Andrew has more than 30 years' experience first as a manager and from 1999 as a commissioner of health and social care services, with particular experience in relation to people with mental health issues and people with learning difficulties.

He has experience of working with local authorities across England and has a good working relationship with many national and international leaders in the field of self-directed support and personalisation.

Andrew can be contacted at or on 07884 374726.

Tricia Nicoll, Associate

Tricia Nicholl Tricia lives just outside of York and began her career as a teacher for children with learning disabilities. She is a long-term user of mental health services and has a history in the mental health survivor movement. She worked initially in the advocacy sector and then as part of the Valuing People Support Team, holding the national lead role for Advocacy and Involvement/Leadership.

Tricia then worked with the Department of Health Personalisation team, and developed the 'Citizen Leaders' and 'Having a Voice' programmes, exploring how people who use services and family carers can contribute genuinely and  effectively as policy is both written and implemented.

Tricia currently runs her own consultancy, focusing on the personalisation agenda. She is particularly interested in how the relationship between 'services' and 'citizens' can be re-framed so that people can get really good paid support when they need it and be able to contribute to their community.

Tricia is committed to the principles (and practice) of building genuinely inclusive communities. She has a foster son who loves drawing and foster daughter who is a princess, both of whom have the label of complex autism.

Tricia can be contacted at or on 07811 340951.

Miro Griffiths, Associate

Miro GriffithsMiro grew up and still lives in the seaside town on the Wirral Peninsula, across the river from Liverpool. His interest in disability equality started at the age of 14 when he embarked upon a Millennium Award to promote the awareness of disabled people's inequalities. By designing a concept for a chidren's computer game, disabled and non-disabled children and young people would learn and understand disability issues in an entertaining way.

After successfully completing the awareness initiative, Miro joined the national charity Whizz-Kidz, as the North West representative for the user group campaigning on issues affecting young disabled people, Miro became the chair of the group for three years.

Before turning 18, Miro became the youngest person to join Equality 2025, the UK Advisory Network for disability equality across government departments. Miro collaborated with other disability experts to advise government on a variety of issues which affect disabled people's quality of life; through this, Miro was able to broaden his understanding of the inequalities disabled people experience. Since May 2011, Miro became Deputy Chair of Equality 2025.

He founded Miro Consultancy in 2007 and is now recognised for specialising and having a keen interest in disabled people's empowerment and participation, transitional stages of a disabled person's life, and the independent living debate.

Miro can be contacted at or on 07835 413238.

Jill Bauld, Associate

Jill BauldJill has also done worked as a project manager across different areas of work, supporting very different organisations to work together and come up with good ways of working together.

She brings a lot of creative thinking and positive energy to everything she does and always puts people at the heart of any change.

Participation and engagement is central to Jill's way of working and she is particularly passionate about ensuring children and young people have a voice in services they use.

Previous roles at Newcastle include SEND project manager at Newcastle City Council, youth services manager for children's services, integrated services team leader (youth) and alcohol strategy co-ordinator (adult services) amongst others. Jill has also worked at Aberdeen City Council and Wilsthire County Council.

Jill can be contacted at or on 07952 903899


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