Impact evidence

Over the past eight years we have gathered considerable evidence of the positive impact personalisation and personal budgets can have on family life.

These improved outcomes can be seen at the individual child and family, operational and strategic levels.

We are committed to providing further evidence of the impact greater choice and control can have and are delighted that the DfE has awarded us grant funding for the next two years to develop a new tool for use in children's services that will provide us with a much needed national benchmark of the impact personal budgets have on families' lives. You can find out more information about POET for children's services here.

In addition we have produced a range of case studies in partnership with KIDS demonstrating impact at the individual child and family level including for the DfE's Making It Personal Project.

The personalisation agenda, including the use of personal budgets, changes the relationship between operational teams and families.  Conversations become more positive and dynamic as families and operational teams move to a position of greater transparency and trust.  See for example Making a big difference - Introducing individual budgets and self-directed support to disabled children and their families in Middlesbrough.

At the strategic level we are seeing how some local areas are taking a system-wide approach to personalising services.  Gloucestershire County Council, for example, developed a 10-year commissioning plan which includes the commitment to enable young people and parents to have as much control as possible over the support they use. This plan included, for example, ensuring equitable and robust resource allocation systems.

Members may access Gloucestershire's Commissioning Strategy in the Programme Member Zone. Non-members should contact In Control's Programme Lead, Nic Crosby or their regional lead.

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