25th Children's residential - The knotty issues

Our 25th residential 'The knotty issues - removing the barriers' was held on March 3rd and 4th 2015.

The two-day event featured the following sessions and speakers:

  • What's working - disability and SEN responsibilities under the Children and Families Act? Charlie Henry, OFSTED
  • Success, mistakes and the knotty issues - a view from the adult world - John Woods (Care Act team DH, ex-Surrey County Council lead for Self-directed support)
  • What's stopping us then? Charlie Henry, Andrew Baxter (DfE) and John Woods
  • The Children's POET Year 2 - A preview of the findings and new report, the key messages for the government - Andrew Baxter (DfE), Claire Lazarus and John Waters, In Control
  • Moving forward with personal budgets - Nic Crosby, In Control
  • Engaging with Schools, College - Nic Crosby and Nic Gitsham
  • Me My Family My Home - Tim Keilty and Sam Sly


Workshops included:

  • Growing into independence (transition)
  • A new child, young person and family centre culture
  • It's not about more services it's about more inclusion
  • Working Together with the single aim of better outcomes

Presentations available from the session can be downloaded below.

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