21st Residential 'Coming of age'

A two-day 'Coming of Age' Residential was run on the 12th and 13th November as part of our Children's programme.

The Residential was titled 'Coming of Age' to encompass the pace of change around personal budgets and how far the personalisation agenda has come, being now enshrined in the reforms set out in Support and Aspiration, the draft Code of Practice, new regulations and the Children and Families Bill.

The two-day event gave the 70 delegates the chance to come together and talk through how to take forward personal budgets in light of these changes and as one part of SEND reforms.

The Residential included not only sharing of ideas and best practice but the chance for delegates to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview and insight into the national picture
  • Draw from each others experience and insight in regard to ensuring family engagement and involvement and ensuring the family's voice is heard and doesn't get overlooked as more and more development work is started
  • Discuss personal budgets and their fit with the EHC Plan
  • Discuss work by SEND Pathfinders, and others around the link up, as well as hear from Hartlepool
  • Get an update on the work of the POET project which included a chance to see the near finished set of questions based on input from families and young people
  • Gain more insight into personal budgets and their fit with the EHC Plan.

Speakers included our own Sue Bottomley who is leading our work with children's health services as well as Andrew Baxter from the Department for Education (DfE) and Jean Haigh, lead for SE7 SEND Pathfinder.

The presentations from the event are attached including the agenda and workshop documents.

Forthcoming Residentials

We are also holding a further three Residential events early next year.

All current members of the children's programme receive two places per residential as part of their membership package. We are also encouraging members to bring along a family member for these next 3 residentials. Places for this are priced at £275 plus VAT so for all three residential events this would be £825. Members booking before Christmas will receive this a discounted rate of £800 plus VAT.

Speakers at the next residential on the 4th and 5th March will include Sherann Hillman, Co-chair of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, Andrew Baxter, DfE, Chris Easton, NHS England and representatives from four areas taking forward work on Continuing health care personal health budgets.  Provisional topics and workshops will include; integrating funding, provision of information and advice to families as well as updates from a number of members.

For more information:

To find out more or discuss participating in the next events, please contact: Nic Crosby at

For more information on our Children's Programme visit our programme page.


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