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A collection of personal stories and experiences that people have kindly agreed to share with others.

The collection includes some video clips taken from the In Control DVD titled How to be in control. More information about the DVD is available here.

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Alexander's story  - Last Updated : 06 June 2011

Sally Percival, shares with us the positive difference that a personal budget has made to her son's life.

Cae study: The past, the present and the future  - Last Updated : 24 May 2011

My son Alexander is 19 years old. He is a fantastic young man, very funny and really enjoys life. Alexander has a diagnosis of autism, learning difficulties and associated mental health problems. This means that he needs a lot of support in the h...

Barbara's story  - Last Updated : 02 February 2011

Barbara's sister describes how Barbara was able to gain more control despite her deteriorating health.

Debi and Ryan  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

My name is Debi and I am originally from Manchester. I have an amazing son called Ryan who has a wicked sense of humour and the most contagious laugh you have ever heard.

Carole  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

I live in Southwark and I have got a son and young daughter. I thought of training as a nurse, then became a dental nurse before moving into management. Now I'm a carer for my son, Alex.

Marcella  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

When my only son Mitchell was diagnosed with autism I was devastated, but he has since changed my life.

Joe  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

When I was diagnosed with Asperger Sydrome in 1996 at the age of twenty there was no doubt I needed a care service.

Les  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

My name is Les and I am a retired bricklayer. I have a son called Brian who I care for and has severe learning disabilities. I have always tried to do the best for Brian, and for his sister and I believe that the way Brian lives, and how he was b...

Will  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

Before having my own individual budget my mum had always been my only carer and we had no connections with services. I was getting down on myself and things at home were getting more difficult and strained.

Caroline Tomlinson  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

Peace of mind for your son or daughter with a disability When disability happens in your family it is like you wake up in a place you never knew existed, a place that many families refer to as 'service land', where things are often done to you ...

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