What are the key differences between personal budgets and direct payments?

A personal budget - is knowing how much cash is allocated for your support - you might use this information to :

1.   Take a direct payment (taking the cash and organising the support yourself)

2.   Direct an individual support fund - (this is telling social services which provider you want your personal budget to go to and then negotiating with the provider how to spend your individual funds.

3.   Arrange a trust circle that the money gets paid to and the trust circle arranges the support for you

4.   Arrange for a joint account where one other person supports you to manage your budget

5.   Care managed - leave the cash with the council to buy and arrange services for you.

Evidence from In Control's work suggests that very high numbers of people do choose to manage their personal budget as either a direct payment or indirect payment.

Some people choose to mix and match - part direct payment, part direct service. This is fine if it is what the person chooses.

Last Updated : 17 January 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.