Safeguarding Cumbria

Cumbria County Council has kindly shared their guidance on how self-directed support fits within the current safeguarding framework.

The guidance says that "we all have to make choices throughout our lives, some of which are risky."  Cumbria's strategy balances the ability through self-directed support to make choices with the duty of social care staff to keep people safe from abuse, and to ensure that choices are made with a proper awareness of risk.

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  1. Gravatar of John SteeplesJohn Steeples
    posted 26 January 2012 at 21:26:35

    We are aware that a Council has a Duty of Care to a vulnderable/at Risk person who is using Self Directed Support and supported by a Personal Budget. Though the person can live an independent life S/he continues to be regarded as the responsibility of the Financing Council who legally keep an overview and are availble to help the person when necessary.
    My question is where is the legal reference to support a continued responsibility by a Council of a Duty of Care? or is this just an idle promise?
    Regards, John Steeples

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