Homelessness - Big Event 2010

Presentation, from In Control's Big Event 2010, about homelessness and personal budgets in the City of London.

Staff from homelessness charity Broadway, discuss how personal budgets have been used in the City of London to reach entrenched rough sleepers and support them to find new lives off the street.

In Control is working hard to ensure that all people who need support can have access to Personal Budgets and control the support they need.In 2008, In Control successfully argued for the inclusion of personal budgets in the Government's rough sleepers strategy 'No one left out'.

Since then, supported by Dept of Communities and Local Government, In Control has worked in partnership with The City of London Corporation and London based charity, Broadway, to explore ways that personal budgets might help long-term  rough sleepers to find a new life away off the streets.

The project is proving to be a remarkable success and is having positive outcomes for many of those involved. The Joseph  Roundtree Foundation has published a report on the work and it atracted much media intrest.

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EDIT: Developments in this work since this presentation was made can be found in the article below.

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