Research and evaluation

In Control works hard to understand the effect personal budgets are having on the lives of disabled and older people who need support.

In Control regularly works with local authorities to help them review and learn from their implementation of self directed support.

The reports from this work are published  here.

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A personalised approach to homelessness  - Last Updated : 15 March 2011

The latest results of a pilot scheme, initiated by In Control, which offered personalised budgets to rough sleepers have shown it to be a remarkable success.

Homelessness - Big Event 2010  - Last Updated : 15 March 2011

Presentation, from In Control's Big Event 2010, about homelessness and personal budgets in the City of London.

Self-directed support in Hartlepool  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

This is a report of Hartlepool's progress in developing self-directed support between 2006 and 2009.

My budget, my choice - City of London  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

This report documents work in the City of London that led to people from different social care groups taking control of a personal budget.

Your support, your way - Richmond  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

Your support, your way documents how self-directed support has been implemented in the London borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

It's your life - take control - Hertfordshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This report documents how local people with learning disabilities and their families took control of their personal budgets.

This time it's personal - Northamptonshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This short paper describes Northamptonshire's exploration of how self-directed support would work in the county. By reorganising its approach to social care, the local authority wanted to find out if local people with learning disabilities could r...

Doing it your way - Worcestershire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Partnership across local community organisations lies at the heart of Worcestershire's work.

Steering my own course - Cambridgeshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This report documents the work undertaken in Cambridgeshire between October 2005 and December 2008.

Way ahead - North Lanarkshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This report documents and evaluates the early experiences in North Lanarkshire demonstrating the impact of the In Control approach to self-directed support.

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