Essex CC Direct Payments and IBs compared, Power Point

Presentation by Essex County Council making a comparison between direct payments and personal budgets.

This resource is part of a series of policies produced by Essex County Council which other councils may borrow and learn from.

Essex County Council developed and agreed a number of important and helpful policy documents in 2008.  These include policies on charging for support, risk taking, re-ablement, debt recovery, resource allocation, support planning and more.  There is also a glossary of terms and a table of contents.  Essex have generously agreed that these policies can be made available for others to borrow and learn from.  Please acknowledge Essex CC if you do so.

Some of the team that developed the policies include Kate Burke, Rebecca Halpin, Gillian McDonald and David Williams, who leads the team.  Ethan Tucker and Helen Terry are the other team members.

Please note that the information contained within these documents is only accurate at the time of publication.  If you have any queries regarding the content, please contact David Williams at Essex County Council direct on 07826 531 398 or email

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