Procedures, guidelines and templates

A collection of procedures, guidelines and templates that local authorities are able to adapt for their own purposes.

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Essex CC SDS Strategic Policy  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

Paper to set the strategic direction for the implementation of self-directed support as part of the Putting People First transformation of Adult Social Care in Essex.

Whole life approach to personalisation  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

Cambridge are the first local authority to embark on Total Transformation and at the same time begin work on individual budgets and self-directed support for children and young people as members of Taking Control.

Real Jobs  - Last Updated : 23 January 2011

Paper which provides local authorities with policy and practice guidance relating to personalisation and real jobs. Produced by In Control.

Systems, practices and support for social work under self-directed support  - Last Updated : 23 January 2011

This guidance is structured in the form of a table which is based upon In Control's seven step model of self-directed support. This is followed by an important section on Helping People to Stay Safe, which applies throughout the process.

Critical path to transformation  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

The 'Critical path to transformation' illustrates the four stages for local authorities transforming their services.

Workforce development  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Detail of work to develop an initial learning and development framework for self-directed support. The project was able to look broadly at the impact of self-directed support on the development needs of the workforce.

Commissioning  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This resource seeks to assist local authority commissioners in determining what it is that they might do - and where they might turn for further detailed help - to play their part in progressing the personalisation agenda.

Implementation of direct payments  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This guide describes why it is important that direct payments systems within local authorities are made central to the whole system of self-directed support.

Essex CC Table of Contents  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

A table of contents for the resources provided by Essex County Council for the Putting People First self-directed support policy framework.

Essex CC Support planning policy  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Paper to implement support planning and review in relation to self-directed support for adult social care service users in Essex.

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