Big event 2010

This page has copies of the Powerpoint presentations used during the Big event 2010.  We will update this page as soon as the presentations become available.  Please keep checking back for updates.

Podcasts of the keynote presentations in the auditorium are available below.

Please also view the Big event special edition of In Control NOW! which contains articles written by Matthew Taylor, Frances Patterson, Philip Collins and Mark Pollock.

Podcasts from the Big event auditorium

Below are sound recordings from sessions held in the auditorium at the Big event 2010. Some of the question and answer sessions have been edited if voices were too low to be easily heard. The clips can take a while to load - depending on your Internet connection. If you cannot play these online, try listening to the MP3s in the right-hand column.

10 am | Auditorium | Opening and launch of the Phase 3 report
Welcome and the launch of In Control's Phase 3 Report
Martin Routledge and Caroline Tomlinson: Introduction to the event and launch of the Phase 3 report.

Jeff Dandridge

Jeff gives a concise overview of shop4support.

Paul Najsarek

Harrow champions shop4support.

Chris Hatton

Overview of evaluation data.

11 am | Auditorium | Matthew Taylor: Politics, policy and changes
Politics, policy and change - Matthew Taylor, RSA: With public service policy set to feature heavily in the General Election campaign, Matthew Taylor explored policy trends emerging from innovative practice and the ideas offered by the political parties. As the role of the state seems set to move from service provider to decision maker and strategic enabler in the coming years, he considered the potential for getting the change right, the dilemmas along the way, and what's at stake in getting it wrong.

12 pm | Auditorium | Frances Patterson: Proposals for the reform of adult social care law
Proposals for the reform of adult social care law - Frances Patterson, Law Commission: In February 2010, the Law Commission published detailed provisional proposals for the reform of adult social care law. This presentation set out the main proposals in relation to principles, assessments, the provision of services and safeguarding adults, as well as providing an overview on how the proposed new legal framework would operate as a whole.

1 pm | Auditorium | Philip Collins: Personal Budgets
Personal Budgets: a vehicle for individual power and control - Philip Collins, Demos: Philip Collins discussed the inherent value of personal budgets as a vehicle for individual power and control. Far greater than a purchasing and planning tool for health and care. Personal budgets represent a shift of trust and responsibility from state recipients to active citizens. He also discussed some of the practical questions of implementation as we move from theory to practice.

2 pm | Auditorium | Mark Pollock: Avoid excuses and make it happen
Avoid excuses and make it happen - Mark Pollock, adventure athlete and author: When Mark Pollock lost his sight in 1998 at the age of 22, he thought his life was over. The story of how he overcame the odds to rebuild his life and exceed his wildest expectations now inspires people the world over. Mark is able to help individuals and organisations to redefine what is possible, to reach their potential and to inspire team motivation. His message of 'decide to avoid excuses and instead decide to make it happen' is particularly relevant in today's uncertain economic environment.

3 pm | Auditorium | Jeff Jerome: Putting People First one year on

Putting People First one year on - Jeff Jerome, National Director for Social Care Transformation. Jeff discussed Putting People First as we approach the final year.

4 pm | Auditorium | Question Time
Question Time - with an expert panel hosted by David Guest, North West BBC. Members of the panel included: Martin Routledge - Department of Health, Elaine Cotterill - Family member, Jeff Jerome - National Director for Social Care Transformation, Julie Stansfield - CEO of In Control, Laurance Clarke - Comedian, Mark Pollock - International motivational speaker, Richard Jones - Executive Director of Lancashire County Council, Tim Spencer Lane - Law Commission.


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