'No health without mental health' Strategy Paper

Latest strategy paper published by the coalition government aims to transform the mental health and wellbeing of the nation and achieve parity between physical and mental health.

No Health without Mental Health Thumbnail'No health without mental health' outlines how a new emphasis on early intervention and prevention will help tackle the underlying causes of mental ill-health. The paper sets out how the Government will work with the NHS, local government and the third sector to help people recover and challenge stigma.

The strategy commits to beginning to expand provision of psychological therapies to children and young people, older people, people with long-term physical health problems, those with medically unexplained symptoms and those with serious mental illness. The aim is to help to reduce the burden of ill-health in the UK and ensure that evidence-based therapies are available to these key groups.

It sets out six shared objectives to improve mental health and well-being and to improve outcomes for people with mental health problems:

•    More people will have good mental health;
•    More people with mental health problems will recover;
•    More people with mental health problems will have good physical health;
•    More people with mental health problems will have a positive experience of care and support;
•    Fewer people will suffer avoidable harm; and
•    Fewer people will experience stigma and discrimination

Choice and control seem to be common themes throughout the paper and there is positive acknowledgement that "Choice is fundamentally about the objectives and circumstances of treatment and care. It is just as relevant for children and young people as for adults."

The strategy goes on to state that personalised care budgets for long-term conditions are a way of giving people more choice and control over how their support needs are met. Adding that the Government is to take steps to extend as much as possible the availability of personal health budgets to people with mental health problems.  

The approach supersedes the 'New Horizons: a shared vision for mental health' guidance from late 2009 and follows a 'Dear Colleague' letter from David Behan in 2010 which recommended actions to take forward the delivery of New Horizons. This new strategy places a much firmer emphasis on early intervention to stop serious mental health issues developing, particularly among children.

You can download the full paper below.


Last Updated : 08 February 2011. Page Author: Paul Ferguson.