In Control uses pictures and graphics to help explain important ideas. This pages contains a series of these images which can be downloaded.

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Graphic on personal budgets  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

How personal budgets change the way the current allocation system works

Graphic of Real Wealth with buttons  - Last Updated : 20 January 2011

Graphic on System Transformation  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The different elements of total transformation

Graphic on Support Planning  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

How support planning works

Graphic on SDS 7 Steps (Core)  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The core 7 step process of self-directed support

Graphic on SDS Transition  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

How self-directed support changes the nature of the transition process

Graphic on RAS  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

How a socially just resource allocation system can be designed

Graphic on Professional Gift Model (Colour)  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

Why the current welfare system weakens citizenship

Last Updated : 15 January 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.