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We have developed a series of fact sheets with Mencap as part of In Control and Me, a project funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

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In Control and Me was set up to provide accessible information for everyone who wants to direct their own support.

There are fact sheets on a range of different subjects, such as an introduction to self-directed support; how to make a support plan; organising your money; housing; jobs; opening a bank account; wills and trusts; person centred planning plus much more.

Mencap as developed some Easy Read fact sheets and these can be viewed on their website.

Audio versions of the first 25 fact sheets are available here.

We have been working with a number of organisations to produce bespoke versions of these factsheets as well as a variety of information material and resources. To find out how we can help your organisation communicate personalisation, contact us at or 0121 4745900

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22. Money - resource allocation  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

This fact sheet tells you how a local authority decides how much money you can get for support.

23. Organising Support - Do It Yourself  - Last Updated : 11 July 2016

This fact sheet tells you how you can organise your support yourself.

24. Using a support provider  - Last Updated : 11 July 2016

Some people like to organise their support themselves. They like the responsibility and the control.

25. Opening a bank account  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

If you have a personal or individual budget you will need a separate bank account. Opening a bank account can be complicated. This fact sheet explains how to open an account. It tells you about different kinds of account, identity and opening an account on behalf of someone who 'lacks...

26. Fair Access to Care  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

Fair Access to Care Services is a Government document. It tells local authorities how they can set eligibility for social services - who can get a social service and who can't. This fact sheet tells you about FACS.

27. Disabled Facilities Grants  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

One way is to arrange the work through your local council using a Disabled Facilities Grant - DFG. This fact sheet tells you about DFGs.

28. Personal Health Budgets  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

This fact sheet tells you about personal health budgets.

29. Postural care  - Last Updated : 19 May 2017

People with movement problems often spend lots of time in limited positions that can distort their bodies. This can cause secondary complications and can be very painful. Postural care is about protecting someone's body shape so they can live as healthy a life as possible. Th...

30. Short breaks  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

If you support a disabled person, you probably know the idea of 'respite'. Often 'respite' means going into a residential care home for a short time to give the 'carer' a break. Personal Budgets open up some new ways of taking a break. For example, more and more people are taking a holi...

31. Community equipment  - Last Updated : 11 July 2016

Many disabled people living in the community may need equipment to help them live their daily lives. This fact sheet tells you about how you can get the equipment which will best support your needs and help you stay mobile.

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