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We have developed a series of fact sheets with Mencap as part of In Control and Me, a project funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

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In Control and Me was set up to provide accessible information for everyone who wants to direct their own support.

There are fact sheets on a range of different subjects, such as an introduction to self-directed support; how to make a support plan; organising your money; housing; jobs; opening a bank account; wills and trusts; person centred planning plus much more.

Mencap as developed some Easy Read fact sheets and these can be viewed on their website.

Audio versions of the first 25 fact sheets are available here.

We have been working with a number of organisations to produce bespoke versions of these factsheets as well as a variety of information material and resources. To find out how we can help your organisation communicate personalisation, contact us at or 0121 4745900

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11. Living the life you want  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

The whole point of self-directed support is that people can be in charge of their support so they can live the life they choose. This fact sheet tells you about ways that you can make the most of your personal budget so you can live your life your way.

12. Seeing how it worked-review  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

You should meet with your care manager or social worker about once a year to see how things are going. But you can ask for a meeting any time. Your care manager or social worker needs to know how your plan is working. Also, you can help other people organise their support by telling...

13. Personal budgets, individual budgets and direct payments  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

People who can get support from their council might have a personal budget or an individual budget. They can take the money in these budgets as a direct payment. This fact sheet explains the difference between personal budgets, individual budgets and direct payments.

14. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks  - Last Updated : 20 July 2016

A DBS check, previously known as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, tells you about someone's criminal history. If you want to employ your own staff, it is sensible to know if someone has a criminal record. If you are employing someone to support a child or vulnerable adult, you should ...

15. Transport - getting out and about  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

Transport is important to most people who want to live a good life. Sometimes, though, getting out and about is easier said than done. This fact sheet tells you about transport options and how you could spend some of your personal budget on getting around.

16. Managing risks and safeguarding  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

We all live with risk in our lives. Life would be dull without risk. And taking some risks is part of learning. But, some people who need support can be more at risk than others. This fact sheet explains how to manage risk and also keep safe from harm or abuse.

18. Housing  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

Where you live and who with is one of the biggest decisions in everyone's life. Most people buy or rent their home. But people who need support have often lived in special places where they had no security and couldn't choose who they lived with. Fortunately, things have chan...

17. Stuff or staff - equipment and technology  - Last Updated : 11 July 2016

Many people spend their personal budget on getting support from other people. But the best thing about self-directed support is you can spend the money in a way that suits you. For some people, this means finding ways of being independent without a supporter there - using equipment a...

19. Jobs  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

Many people who need support have often spent their days at day centres. But more and more people now have jobs. There are specialist organisations that support people to find and keep a job. These days, getting a job can mean that you are better off than being on benefits. ...

20. History of the social care system  - Last Updated : 04 February 2011

You don't need to know about the history of social care to enjoy the control that self-directed support offers. But the information in this fact sheet shows what an important change self-directed support is. There is a separate fact sheet that explains self-directed support.

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