Hands off it's my home

A toolkit for auditing support to people with learning disabilities and developing an outcomes-based action plan for citizenship.

Hands Off It's My Home! is a successful toolkit now being used by support providers and local authorities across the country.

The toolkit can be used to ensure support providers (domiciliary care, supported living and housing related) can fully understand the impact on freedoms and citizenship that anything other than the best quality of support will have on people with learning disabilities. 

People with learning disabilities should no longer have to put up with 'quasi-living' (seeming to be but not really so) and this toolkit should help achieve real lives for people.

The toolkit has recently been updated in response to the coming changes in the Care Quality Commission regulations and standards, and to reflect the concept of 'real wealth' which will help support workers understand the breadth of their role. It also now has more links to information that will assist improvement.

Hand's Off It's My Home! has been produced by Sam Sly, a Regulation, Health & Social Care Consultant.

Contact Sam at:
Enough is Enough - Time4Change!
Tel: 07900 424144

Last Updated : 12 February 2011. Page Author: Paul Ferguson.