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A Menu Based Approach to Pricing  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

This paper is a discussion paper that explores a menu based approach to providing and pricing services. It gives an example of testing the approach in a day services in Leeds.

In Control Conversion of In-House Service Project Report  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

A good overview of the work and thinking carried out during 'Conversion of in-house services' project as part of Total Transformations.

Top Tips - Support  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

Top Tips guidance on organising support and supporting people to plan.

New Support System paper  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

Paper looking at the new support infrastructure for self-directed support. This paper provides a framework for critically examining the infrastructure of the current system and offers a provisional model for a better system.

Planning and Brokerage Guide  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

A guide showing how the local authority can make support planning as easy as possible for people - and how to agree the plan.

Total Phase Two  - Last Updated : 16 February 2011

Paper explaining phase two of the Total Transformations programme which took place between 2008 and 2010. Includes the aims and outcomes of the programme and details of the ten projects.

Person centered planning with older people  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

Book on person centred thinking and planning with older people. Includes stories and examples for professionals, older people, family members and policy makers.

Safeguarding and risk event - June 2010  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

On these pages you will find copies of the presentations that were delivered at the Positive approaches to Safeguarding and Risk event on 29 June 2010.

Positive Risk Taking  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

Easy read version of Cumbria Learning Disability Services Poisitve Risk Taking Policy.

Direct payments carers uk.pdf  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

A document from Carers UK describing the benefits for families of direct payments.

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