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Graphic on Citizen Wealth Version 3.0  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The real nature of wealth for citizens and families

Graphic on 7 Keys to Citizenship  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The 7 keys to citizenship

Graphic on 6 Sources of Support  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The 6 different forms of support for managing a personal budget

Graphic on 6 Control Mechanisms  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

The 6 different control options for managing a personal budget

Graphic Community Capacity Version 2.0  - Last Updated : 14 January 2011

How Citizens meet needs and strengthen community

Examples of support plans  - Last Updated : 13 January 2011

Some videos of people talking about their own support plans.

Safeguarding Cumbria  - Last Updated : 11 January 2011

Cumbria County Council has kindly shared their guidance on how self-directed support fits within the current safeguarding framework.

Supporting choice and control  - Last Updated : 11 January 2011

A template policy framework for delivering person centred outcomes by a positive approach to risk.

Supporting safely for people providing care and support  - Last Updated : 11 January 2011

A guide for anyone providing care and/or support to someone in their own home or in the wider community, whether or not you are being paid to do so.

Supporting safely for individuals  - Last Updated : 11 January 2011

This is a guide for individuals receiving support and their families and friends. It sets out the important principles and in some areas, the specific details of how people who use care and support can protect and maintain their health, safety and...

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