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Staying in Control Launch.ppt  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Presentation by Simon Duffy from Launch event 2008

QIPP and personal health budgets.pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Report identifies how personal health budgets could contribute to the savings that need to be made by the NHS - and improve the quality of services

Mental health Direct Payments The Future Now (2008).pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Article from A Life in the Day journal looking at direct payments and asking are personal budgets and the increasing prominence of social care in policy terms having detrimental effects on their success?

Inspiring stories from Paradigm.pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Innovation. Inspiring stories Radical shifts in power Exciting ideas for change. Published by Paradigm

Personal Health Budgets Initial info (2008).pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Personal Health Budgets Initial information sheet July 2008. Published by the Department of Health

8 Rules.pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Terry Lynch's essay for In Control on how we can support older people to stay in control

Personal health budgets Update (2008).pdf  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Personal Health Budgets Update, October 2008. Published by the Department of Health. This update explains the relationship between Staying in Control and the DH personal health budgets pilots as well as outlining how the DH pilots are being progre...

Making your Support Plan  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Top Tips  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Personal Budgets Survey Budget Holders Easy Read  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

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