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Steering my own course - Cambridgeshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This report documents the work undertaken in Cambridgeshire between October 2005 and December 2008.

Way ahead - North Lanarkshire  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This report documents and evaluates the early experiences in North Lanarkshire demonstrating the impact of the In Control approach to self-directed support.

Finding our way - Barnsley  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Finding Our Way is a report documenting the implementation of self-directed support in Barnsley.

A summary of changes to direct payments  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Important changes to direct payments from 9 November 2009

Guidance on direct payments: For community care, services for carers and children's services.  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Department of Health, 2009

NHS Continuing Healthcare Practice Guidance  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Department of Health, 2010

Putting Patients In Control: The case for extending self-direction into the NHS  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Vidhya Alakeson, 2007

Putting People First and Mental Health - Presentation  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

Carey Bamber, 2010

A Common Purpose: Recovery in future mental health services  - Last Updated : 17 January 2011

'Recovery' is gaining prominence as a guiding principle for mental health services which has evolved from the lived experience of people who use services.

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