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Sheffield - Unit Pricing Tool  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

A Unit Pricing Tool for provider services. Allows for various inputs and automatically works out total unit cost. Produced by Sheffield Social Services.

Northamptonshire - Targeted Messages  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Spreadsheet showing the different messages aimed at areas of Mental Health, Older people, professionals, communities and brokers. Explains Northamptonshire's targeted messages, sub messages, printed materials and direct mail in these areas.

Northamptonshire - My Life 'It's about me' poster  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Poster promoting 'My Life: It's about Me' campaign by Northamptonshire County Council. The campaign introduces self-directed support and personal budgets.

Northamptonshire - My Life 'It's about me' leaflet  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Leaflet by Northamptonshire County Council about self-directed support and personal budgets.

Northamptonshire - Introduction to SDS  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

'My Life: It's about me'. A guide to self-directed support and personal budgets for people in Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire - Easy Guide to Money and Support  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Designed for people with learning difficulties, this easy read guide explains personal budgets and the money and support involved.

Northamptonshire - Communications Strategy for Transformation  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Paper outlining the Marketing Communications Strategy for the upscale of personal budgets in Northamptonshire.

Norfolk - Personal Budget Guidance 2009  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Guidance from Norfolk social services on personal budgets. Designed for use by people interested in getting their support through a personal budget, care managers and support planners/brokers.

Newham - Process for SDS 2008  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

Newham County Council's agreed process for self-directed support in 2008. Includes core terms and principles.

Newham - Operational Financial Policy  - Last Updated : 18 January 2011

This policy was been created by Newham County Council as part of their first pilot roll-out.

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