Marilyn Tarney

Having had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 30 years Marilyn, 60, is now completely dependent on other people's support. When she deteriorated she used the local authority care services more and more. This could only be provided in her own home.

She first heard about self-directed support in 2008 but it took over 12 months to switch to an individual budget. Now she can choose who provides her support and take that person with her on trips to the theatre or shopping for example.

Now that Marilyn has officially reached retirement age she thinks that it is more important than ever to have the freedom to follow her interests, wherever they take her. Nobody should have to face isolation as they grow older. Being in control lets her  plan a more fulfilled life than she could have ever dreamt of as a recipient of domiciliary care services.

Marilyn has made presentations for In Control and Mencap.

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