Our communities are comprised of individuals who are connected with one another and the local area in a number of different ways - through ties of family, neighbourliness, friendship, shared interests, and so on.

We need to nurture and build on these ties and to provide particular encouragement for those who find it difficult to make the most of their connections with others and to play a full and active part in community life.

We can define citizenship in terms of:


We should be in control of our own lives, and if we need help with decisions, those decisions are kept as close as possible to us.


We should have our own path and sense of purpose to help give our life meaning and significance.


We should have sufficient money that we are not unduly dependent upon others and can live an independent life.


We should each have a home that is our own, living with people that we really want to live with.


We should each get support that helps us to live our own life and which is under our control.


We should have our legal and civil rights respected and be able to take action if they are not.

Last Updated : 21 January 2011. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.