Lynne Elwell, Partners in Policymaking

For more than 20 years Lynne has designed and run family leadership and information courses for disabled people and their families.

Lynne Elwell

In 1996, Lynne introduced Partners in Policymaking to the UK, a national leadership training programme. The philosophy and ideas of the course draw on Lynne's experience of supporting and educating her daughter who had significant support needs.

Lynne has co-ordinated and supported over 30 different citizen leadership courses and has been instrumental in the expansion of Partners in Policymaking across many different areas of the UK and Europe; supporting course graduates to run further courses in their local communities.

Following the success of the Partners in Policymaking course, Lynne has been commissioned to design and develop a number of other courses such as 'Kindred Spirits' and 'All Together Better' which run locally, regionally and nationally. The courses are designed to bring disabled people and their families together with people who provide support and services.

Lynne has a keen interest in photography and works with people who have disabilities to produce positive images of disabled people.

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