John Waters, Research & Evaluation Lead

John has worked in social care for 23 years starting work as a care assistant in a home for older people he trained as a social worker in the early 1990s and worked in a range of practice, management and commissioning roles.

John Waters

John's work on self-assessment and resource allocations were some of the key innovations emerging from In Control's first phase of work.

As In Control's technical lead, John Waters has helped local authorities understand and solve key systems challenges they face when adopting self-directed support. John has led the development of methodologies, tools and techniques that ensure self-directed support can be underpinned by a sustainable resource allocation system (RAS). The recently published audit commission report, 'Financial management of personal budgets' indicated that these tools and approaches are now widespread and are approaches based on John's work. They are currently in use by 122 councils in England.

John has also led In Control's research and evaluation programme and his work is featured in 'Personal Budgets: checking the results' a supporting paper for the recently published 'Think Local, Act Personal: Next steps for transformation of Adult Social Care'.

In addition to these technical developments, John has an interest in social innovation and has taken forward work that has seen self-directed support emerge in challenging new areas; including work with entrenched rough sleepers and more recently with repeat offenders serving custodial sentences.

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