The roots of In Control Wisconsin originate from the 2008 US national Self-Determination Conference, when, after meeting with founders from In Control and learning about the traction that In Control had gained in influencing and promoting self-directed support throughout the United Kingdom, a group of consultants and dedicated stakeholders from government agencies and advocacy groups decided to join the In Control International community.

In Control Wisconsin was officially established as a non-profit corporation in Wisconsin in February 2010.  The founders and core group responsible for its inception had been working on self-directed support in Wisconsin for a number of years; with much emphasis in the past five years through grant funding made available by Wisconsin's Medicaid Infrastructure Grant and the Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (formerly the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities).

Much of 2010 was spent establishing the organisation.  We did, however, hold a big conference event in November 2010.  Almost 400 people with disabilities, their families and people who support them attended.  2011 will be spent growing the organisation, establishing a statewide learning community using distance technology, hosting learning events, and launching some small pilot projects around supported living and self-directed employment.

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For more information, contact Shannon Munn at or (608)712-2212


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