Top Tips and In the Driving Seat

Top Tips is a shortened version of 'Keys to Citizenship' designed for people who are helping someone to plan. In the Driving Seat is a workbook for people creating their own support plan.

Top Tips In the Driving Seat COVER


Some people decide their own route through life - make their plan without help. But some need support to do this. Family members, friends, advocates and paid workers can help people to get the support they need to live the life they want. Top Tips gives ideas about how you can support people to plan.

Top Tips has the same structure as In the Driving Seat, which is a workbook that helps someone make their own plan. Together, the two guides are a clear and useful support to anyone who wants to plan - or help someone else to plan.

Written in plain English.

Authors: Sanderson, McStravick, Poll

Price: £9.00 inc P&P (sizeA4)


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