Our guide to a new public offer

Services for people of any age and in any number of situations who require additional support in their daily life are challenged by reducing budgets and an increasing demand for support

In Control is interested in seeking solutions to the challenges ahead.  Much as it did with 'self-directed support' these solutions will be found in the strengths of people, organisations and good services working together.

These new papers from In Control begin to set out our understanding of how services need to change and how we need to see a transformed 'Public offer' of support and funding which focuses on investing in resilience of people and inclusion within local communities.  We see these papers as our contribution to what is an ever growing discussion; for us at In Control we only see success coming from a person centred approach, i.e. starting with the person, those who love and care for them and the local communities of which they are part.

The first paper 'A life not a service' sets out our brand understanding of what we mean, how we must build a foundation of values and then move to thinking through our approach and what mechanics are needed, and how this needs to begin with a whole life focus, i.e. an approach without silos, territories and the resulting inefficiencies and bureaucracy that we and the people we know and work alongside experience on a day to day basis.

There are two briefings which accompany 'our guide', the first explores what we mean by 'investing in resilience and inclusion' in more depth, the second thinks about what this could and should mean for a family, in this case Mohammed Aaqil.  We will be publishing a further briefing which sets out a strategy to deliver this and a final briefing which will be an easy read version.

As we develop our work around the strategy over the summer we are very keen to consult and work with different people across the country.  We would welcome your input to this discussion and the resulting briefing.  Please contact and let us know if you would like to be part of this work.  We will be in touch during August.

Last Updated : 30 October 2015. Page Author: Gaynor Cockayne.