Community Fund Holding

In this paper we set out a new approach - 'Community Fund Holding' - which puts public money in the hands of a community so they can achieve an agreed set of outcomes.

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Community Fund Holding is an approach which builds on our learning from implementing personal budgets and self-directed support over the past ten years. It seeks to adapt the mechanisms of self-directed support and apply them on a community rather than individual or family level. It looks at how decisions can be devolved to communities in ways that bring real choice and control, whilst still delivering the goals of Think Local, Act Personal.

Personal budgets encourage innovative and flexible use of public money and allow state resources to be used in ways that complement rather than replace those of the individual and their family. Together these benefits help to transform the individual from passive recipient to active partner.  Community Fund Holding proposes something similar for communities and will enable local communities to make the best use of their assets - the people, skills and knowledge that already exists within that community.

Through Community Fund Holding, communities will know;

  • how much money is available
  • what restrictions if any are to be imposed
  • what must be achieved through the use of the money

And it will allow local authorities to;

  • stimulate a community contribution towards shared public goals
  • create a new alliance and collaborative partnership with communities
  • stimulate innovation and creative community-owned action

The initial model has been designed in a partnership with arrange of interested individuals and organisations connected to In Control.

The paper can be downloaded below alongside a one-page summary and a presentation.

Interested in implementing Community Fund Holding?

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