Citizenship in Health: Report

Citizenship in Health: Theory to Practice. This In Control Discussion Paper is a summary of In Control's learning from the first 18 months of our work with Health members.

The Report highlights the purpose of Self-Direction as follows: 'The purpose of our work on Self-Direction in Health is to enable citizenship and to support people to have the best possible quality of life. Citizenship and health are symbiotic. A society that excludes people from citizenship guarantees poor health. Meanwhile, good health depends on much more than just access to even the very best health care. It depends on active citizenship - a home, a job or opportunity to contribute, an income and friendships'.

The Paper takes a unique approach to developing self-direction through focusing on five key issues, seen as central to the process. It provides clear reasons for why increasing personalisation in Health is important, and a developmental structure for organisations wanting to take forward Self-Direction in Health. The structure is laid out in the Planning Book document which is included as part of this paper. You can  download both papers below.


Citizenship in Health, In Control's latest Discussion Paper about Self-Direction in Health, has references to other publications and resources. They are listed below:


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