A report on In Control’s Third Phase - Evaluation and learning 2008 - 2009

This report is about the third phase of In Control's work, 2008-2009. The four chapters of Part One each reflect on different aspects of our learning over this period. Part Two - Evaluation - offers more detailed information and analysis about the impact of the changes.

Since 2003, In Control has mostly worked with local authority adult social care departments and service providers. We have learned a lot in that time. One of the most exciting realisations is that self-directed support and personal budgets are just as powerful in other spheres of life - not just adult social care.

The Report on In Control's Third Phase (2008-2009) describes how In Control has come to this important conclusion, particularly through our work with 20 leading Total Transformation local authorities and our early experiences
with a new set of allies: in children's services, the NHS and those involved in community development.

PDF versions of the report and a summary report are available to download below. The full report can be read and printed however copying and pasting from the PDF is not possible. Please contact In Control if you wish to use extracts from the report.


Authors: Andrew Tyson, Rita Brewis, Nic Crosby, Chris Hatton, Julie Stansfield, Caroline Tomlinson, John Waters, Alicia Wood

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