A report on In Control’s Second Phase - Evaluation and learning 2005 - 2007

This report is about the second phase of In Control's work, 2005-2007. There are two parts to the report. The first is an evaluation by Professor Chris Hatton of Lancaster University. The second contains seven chapters on the lessons offered by In Control's work in important areas.

Phase 2 Report COVER

The report appeared when about 3,500 people were directing their support. The Government had recently announced in Putting People First that personal budgets would be a core element in Government policy.

Alongside the evaluation by Chris Hatton, there are seven chapters: Self-directed support is for everyone; The economics of self-directed support; Enabling people to plan and arrange support; Children and families in control; Community; Service providers and commissioners; Reflections on In Control.

A PDF version of the report is available to download below.

Authors: Hatton, Duffy, Waters, Senker, Crosby, Poll, Tyson, Towell, O'Brien

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