Working Together for Change: Citizen-led change in public services

Groundswell Partnership has published a new report 'Working Together for Change'.

They have improved the Working Together for Change process in this new paper which describes the improved process in detail and places greater emphasis on generating solutions, developing robust plans to make them happen and identifying and measuring outcomes.

Working Together for Change is a dynamic tool which can be used to deliver fast, tangible and person-centred results. It empowers people to change a service from within and makes more efficient use of budgets by allocating resources to the services people say they need, want and value.

The step-by-step method has been designed for use by local authorities, social care providers and individual services and has been used to improve commissioning and service provision in a wide variety of contexts.

Working Together for Change combines person-centred thinking and vigorous change management. The prescriptive step-by-step process moves from preparation, data collection and stakeholder consultation through to planning, implementation and review.

Commenting on the paper, Sam Bennett Director at Groundswell says: "Being person-centred is not just about asking someone what they want, it's about systematically placing them at the centre of all decisions relating to them and then understanding how to use this information to make change happen. Working Together for Change is a methodical process which is designed to do just that."

Helen Sanderson, also director at Groundswell adds: "Working Together for Change delivers true co-production in a time effective way that ensures everyone's voice is heard. Traditional ways of consultation don't do this. It's a "win, win" scenario; individuals will receive a more person-centred approach which better suits their needs and commissioners and providers will save money by reducing waste."

To download the paper or for more information about Working Together for Change, please visit Groundswell's website or contact Sarah Virgo on 020 8678 9536 or at

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Last Updated : 15 October 2012. Page Author: Laura Bimpson.