Wigan shows New Zealanders the way

The International Innovation Leadership Exchange saw Wigan showcase it's work to introduce personal budgets to guests from New Zealand.

The visit was coordinated by In Control and included key leaders from New Zealand's Ministries of Social Development, Health and Education and Wigan Borough Council chief executive Donna Hall and senior council officers. During the two-day visit, the New Zealanders were given the opportunity to  see some of the services on offer for people with personal budgets which included Higher Folds Community Centre, Sunshine House Comunity Hub, Food Positive, Empathy North West, My Life CIC and Embrace Wigan and Leigh.

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    posted 17 March 2020 at 08:27:03

    At the international level, an innovation leadership exchange saw different showcase where it is important the paper experts to also manage a budget. If we not manage and not do our work according to the budget then whole of it just wastes for everyone. You just never become equal to manage leadership and all the same stuff.

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