White Paper consultation launched

The Government has invited people to give their views about the future of care and support and the priorities for change.

Last November the Vision for Adult Social Care was published which set out the principles for a modern system of care and support.  Priorities for helping carers were also set out in the Carers Strategy.

In recent months, two independent commissions have sent reports to Government on two different aspects of care and support.  In May, the Law Commission published recommendations for simplifying social care law, and in July the Commission on Funding of Care and Support published recommendations for reforming the way that people pay for care and support.  The Palliative Care Funding Review also reports on how Government can ensure inregrated, responsive, high quality health and care services for those at the end of life.

The Government has now identified six areas where they feel there is the biggest potential to make improvements to the care and support system.  Between now and December, they will be having discussions on these areas with a range of people and organisations involved with care and support.  They want to discuss what people's priorities are, and this will feed directly into a White Paper that will be published in April 2012, alongside a progress report on funding reform.

The priorities proposed are:

  1. Improving quality and developing the workforce
  2. Increased personalisation and choice
  3. Ensuring services are better integrated around people's needs
  4. Supporting greater prevention and early intervention
  5. Creating a more diverse and responsive care market
  6. The role of the financial services sector in supporting users, carers and their families

There are a number of ways that people can provide feedback on these areas:

  • Organisations involved in care and support will be invited to take part in events and meetings attended by discussion leaders
  • Send your views to your local or national representative group and ask them to take part in the engagement
  • Comment directlty on the priorities section of the website
  • Download the feedback form from the website

The deadline for comments is 2 December 2011.

For more information, pleasee see the Caring for Our Future website.

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