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Personalisation and end of life care - my mum's experience

Over the past year I've been working on a project for Think Local Act Personal with DH, ADASS, Alzheimer's Society and others looking at how to improve the delivery of personal budgets to older people. I have also recently started co-ordinating a project for TLAP on integrated care and support at the level of the individual via health and social care personal budgets. At Christmas the need to ensure more personalised and integrated support became an even more real issue for me and my family. My mum came to need urgent support due to an eventual diagnosis of late stage cancer. My sister and myself found ourselves in the world that so many occupy - trying our best to support our dying mum and to navigate the health and social care system to make her final weeks the best they could be. We found a lot of dedicated, hard-working health and social care professionals and systems that worked well in some respects but badly in others.

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