This time it’s not personal – In Control’s Vidhya Alakeson shares her opinion

''Personalisation' has been around as a buzzword for a long time. But the consensus over whether this means 'personal budgets' is breaking down in health and social care', says Vidhya Alakeson as she discusses personalisation and personal budgets in her blog 'This time it's not personal'.

In Control associate Vidhya Alakeson discusses her opinion of what personalisation now means to those working in health and social care and the direction of personal budgets 10 years on in a blog on PublicFinance online magazine.

Vidhya looks at the issue of how personalisation is taking on a wider role - leading to a 'dangerous illusion' that public services do not need personal budgets as part of the changes needed to implement personalisation.

'Without personal budgets to give real power to individuals, their priorities and preferences are all too often ignored,' explains Vidhya.

She goes on to discuss how there appears to be a movement in government circles away from personal budgets - with the idea that they are not needed for services to be able to adapt and be flexible for individual needs. She goes on to explain in detail why this is simply not the case with examples that show the reality of personal budgets and how they truly enable those who require health and social care services to have a care plan that reflects their needs and their choices in life.

'A personal health budget allows a publicly funded health care system to respond to very specific needs by devolving power to people to shape and integrate their care in line with their priorities and those of their family,' explains Vidhya

'Personal health budgets make it personal.'

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